Leader Networks

Jamaza has been a trusted partner to Leader Networks for over 15 years. Whenever I need technical guidance, have an innovation project or a client with a digital problem or integration need, Jamaza is always there and delivers beyond expectations. They are strategic thinkers and detailed implementers.  They also blend into existing tech teams with a seamlessness and grace.  There is no problem they can’t solve. They deliver on time, on budget each and every time, no matter how large the initiative.
The Jamaza team has built the Leader Networks website, re-platforming them as the technologies evolved over the past decade and integrating new, cutting edge features and functionality.  We were one of the first professional services firms to have a responsive web design. Jamaza developed it for us and delivered brilliantly.
And we don’t just rely on Jamaza internally, we are so confident in their abilities that we frequently introduce them to our clients too.  Leader Networks provides strategy and research services to larger organizations seeking to advance their digital transformation. For our clients, this means new business models and operational best practices to advance innovation.  Commonly, they have an innovation initiative they need to advance, yet their internal teams may not have the skills or, in other cases, the time to add the project to their roster, Jamaza has delivered to my clients’ delight.  In one case, a F1000 firm in high tech couldn’t solve a challenging and business critical problem with a key system.  I introduced them to Jamaza – they solved the problem quickly and the company still refers to the "Magic" that happened.
Jamaza is well suited to serve both large organizations and small. They are nimble and skilled and their outcomes excellent.