QuidProJobs is an example of the collaborative economy in which B2B and B2C is replaced by B2All, a marketplace where boundaries between producers and consumers are fading, and trust is the foundation. This system can make anyone, including non-actives, a matchmaker who can earn income.

Their portal was developed from the assessment that a classical approach to the labor market does not solve the "lack of staff-problem" of companies. In current platform and community thinking, there are other ways to seal the gap between supply and demand. The QuidProX web-based platform is therefore a typical exponent of this collaborative economy driven by information technology, with a ranking system as quality control that provides trust between users who do not know each other, allowing users to work flexibly in space and time.


QuidProJobs are a growing tech start-up from Brussels with limited internal IT resources. Their portal is an entirely new concept in recruitment and required complex new functionality to support their initiative. They needed experienced architectural support backed up by a solid team of web developers to bring their concept to reality quickly and cost-effectively.


Jamaza have worked closely with QuidProx for several months to design, build and launch their portal and create the bespoke Joomla component that delivers their unique functionality. We provide architecture and project management support combined with a full time development team of 2 members and QA.

Technologies Used

•    php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ubuntu
•    Joomla 3.x
•    Joomla components : Akeeba, Breezing forms, PayPlans (soon to go), Easy Profile, Email Beautifier, Widgetkit, WARP7 - template framework