Network Activator

The founders of Network Activator—all veteran community managers (CMs)—believe that even the best CMs need help to succeed.  Network Activator is a community management app which integrates seamlessly with major business community platforms including Microsoft Yammer, Jive, IBM Connections and Liferay.

Network Activator focuses on member engagement and business value.  Network Activator manages the flow of community content, selecting content to “bubble up” in KPI reports. The app segments the community membership, and creates “Activators” – a guiding auto-generated list of successful member outreach activities for 1-click approval. Community management tasks that previously took days, now take minutes.


As a growing start-up (based in Boston and Tel Aviv), Network Activator was concerned about the speed of hiring a development team. They anticipated periods of high and low demands for developers, and needed a strategic partner to create and build the first version and on-going implementation work to extend and grow the product.


By partnering with Jamaza, Network Activator were able to build their cutting edge online product flexibly, without having to over-commit by hiring a large developer team. Jamaza has scaled development support up and down as needed, adding specific technology experts for special projects, while providing continuity through senior project management and architectural oversight for over 2 years.

Technologies Used

•    PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
•    Java, C++
•    Joomla 3.x CMS
•    Mac OSX Server, Linux, Windows